X-Net: Consulting, Services, Engineering, Exploitation

We are X-Net and we are changing.

The X-Net name has been in business for nearly forty years in the consulting field, starting off in the Telecoms sector while that was undergoing massive change in deregulation and ownership, through to specialising in the National Security and Law Enforcement sectors in the past two decades, and onto supporting the Innovation as a Service offering at the Dorset Innovation Park.

Other trading brands were created or acquired into our ownership, such as e-mango our web development service, Datacenta Hosting our managed Internet services provider, and X-Net II providing consulting support to Law Enforcement. Even the company name of Kimcell became more known than the trading brands that it owned.

This is why we have decided to come under the X-Net name.

There is a lot to share as we formally bring all the business entities together. Our business journey has taken us into new areas such as 5G, data exploitation, legal support with our subject matter experts, global cyber security, and engineering of new products. We will be making small updates to this website to keep you informed while we prepare a brand new one.

Some of you might be visiting here to understand the change in the business names and the new contact details.

We are changing, but we are still X-Net.