Rich Bosworth

Richard Bosworth BEng MBA
Although one of the youngest members of our team, Rich brings more than 10 years’ experience of the IT industry, most of it in the support of UK Government customers in sensitive and secure areas of work. He specialises in providing the essential bridge between technology and its users, focusing on successful business policy and process design and managing change. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach, his goal-focus and his customer-sensitive manner have all led Rich to be much in demand.
Rich served his apprenticeship following graduation in establishing and running programme and project support offices within a global IT systems company, covering not just planning and reporting, but also in dealing with as diverse topics as risk, configuration control, subcontractor management and change control. This has provided Rich with a solid grounding in the importance of these issues for the success of programmes and a deep insight into what goes wrong, how to avoid it and how to recover, if necessary. As his exceptional skills in this area emerged, he was given increasing responsibility for business management, utilisation and resourcing and financial management across the business as a whole.
Since 2006, his work has been exclusively for secure UK government customers, where he has been increasingly involved in creating effective environments for proper governance of complex programmes. Through this work, Rich discovered the gaps that often lie between technology and its providers and the customer community of those who have to integrate what is delivered into business processes that work and who have to make best use of (and indeed improve) what is delivered. He also found that, especially in secure areas of government, there are often complex legal, political and policy matters which complicate the already complex, and inter-departmental tensions which get in the way of success. Through direct, practical experience, Rich has become expert in avoiding pitfalls and finding routes through difficult areas. He attributes his success here to constant focus on balance between business needs and technology provision.
Rich is a firm believer that there’s always a way of achieving the seemingly impossible: “All it needs is imagination, a will to compromise and a bit of cooperation”