For X-Net, the meaning for P&L goes beyond Profit and Loss.

Whilst making a profit is vital to the sustainability of any business, so it can provide the best workplace opportunities and wellbeing for employees, and a return for the business owners, we take the approach that P&L means Purpose and Legacy.

The impact we make as a business relates to: reducing the impact we make to the environment with our business processes and facilities; the positive impact of the social value created; and the governance that surrounds our approach.

X-Net has grown in size, through the collective revenues of its brands, to a level where it needs to be able to articulate its Social Value and work towards Net Zero in line with UK Government’s Procurement Act.

These are things that we have done as a small business, and now need to document as a larger business, an overview of which is provided on our Environment, Social Value and Governance pages.