Reporting Abuse

The X-Net address for the reporting of Internet abuse that originates at any site hosted by, or connected with X-Net is: 

All reports must be accompanied by sufficient detail to allow a full and thorough investigation without recourse to the originator. All reports must be accompanied by full contact information for the person or organisation reporting the abuse.

X-Net will take no action where any submission is uncorroborated or which is addressed other than to the address.

If after due investigation, it is found that an X-Net Customer has behaved in a way that contravenes X-Net's Acceptable Use Policy, that Customer may, at the sole discretion of X-Net, have its account(s) suspended or terminated.

In the event of suspension or termination of an account occurs; then a service may only be restored at X-Net’s sole discretion and may require payment of a charge or charges for such restoration.

The decisions of X-Net are not open to appeal.