Tanya Walker

Tanya is an experienced IT professional and business consultant with over 30 years practical experience of change, programme, project, contract and requirement management. Tanya has a track record of successfully delivering business critical solutions across a range of sectors including defence, secure government, retail, utilities and media. Tanya is proficient in a number of different delivery techniques, from structured approaches such as PRINCE2, to agile delivery. She selects and tailors the approach to be used in close consultation with the client to best fit the desired outcome, taking account of critical factors including the planned timescales and the culture of the organisation.

Tanya has been engaged by a number of clients to recover failing projects in business critical situations, working with the client to put in place a recovery plan and rebuild the delivery team to deliver the plan. Her long duration client assignments are testament to the value that clients place in the experience and pragmatism that Tanya brings to the delivery of, often complex, business solutions.

Tanya’s experience encompasses both client and supplier roles meaning that she is able to understand each party’s aims and to manage within the constraints under which both sides are operating. Her approach is to work with both parties to establish a collaborative approach to delivery leading to open communication and focus on common goals, resulting in joint successes. She is practiced at building successful delivery teams, often comprising members from both the client and supplier’s organisations, getting the best out of the knowledge and skills of each of the team members to the benefit of the whole team.

Tanya is also an experienced ISO9000/TickIT auditor and familiar in implementing the business change needed to maintain ISO9000 certification.