Our Consulting Work

Building bridges that stand the test of time.

No-one can be an Expert in everything.  However, we do work across the entire programme lifecycle, and below we provide a flavour of the kind of challenges that we relish, characteristically in key roles that demand gravitas, authority and impeccable credentials…..

At the concept stage, we have wide experience in establishing strategy, direction and policy (while also identifying risks), in developing justifications for investments and presenting these effectively to audiences at the highest levels of Government and industry.

At the contract stage, we bring expertise to the development of specifications and tenders, and helping you select suppliers and solutions that are commercially sound and value for money.

In those heady early days following programme launch, we will establish an assurance framework, cutting through complexity and ensuring accurate and appropriate reporting and planning mechanisms– not just in technical and project terms but also in the enablement and embedding of business change, building bridges between stakeholders and the programme delivery team.

However, the best-laid plans don’t always run smoothly, and our expertise extends into getting to the heart of problems when “things just don’t seem right”, in the avoidance of disputes with suppliers, and where these cannot be avoided, in managing and supporting resolution through formal or alternative means.  The recovery of troubled projects and programmes is a core skill of our experts.

Finally, when the programme evolves into the operational, business-as-usual stage, we will work with you in monitoring, measuring and realising the benefits identified right back at the concept stage.

Then we work with you on the concept for the successor to this successful investment . . .