Gordon Fong

Gordon has been building technology businesses for over 20 years in the digital communications and web sector. Starting off in the world of ISDN lines, which for its day revolutionalised high speed file transfer of artwork in the print and design community. Both companies were eventually bought by overseas companies wanting to enter the UK market.

Subsequently he joined X-Net as a consultant specialising in data extraction from legacy data systems before co-founding web company e-mango in 2000, delivering Web and CRM solutions to trade associations and the public sector. Gordon is also involved with Datacenta Hosting, a managed service provider.

Gordon brings a customer-focused approach that is crucial to the long-term strategy of any successful business. By ensuring technical teams can deliver a user experience that customers enjoy, means that they return for more work and refer others accordingly.

Over time, Gordon is taking his technical and digital media communications experience and making a real impact on a local community level. A thriving online presence, sharing information on local news, events and crime has helped bring residents together. This benefits those that live, work and own businesses in the area.

Gordon's capabilities encompass both technical and marketing fields, driving the delivery of successful customer service.