The Chambers Model

The “Chambers” in our name reflects the model used by barristers.  Anyone needing an expert opinion on a legal matter will seek out a barrister chambers that offers the expertise required.  These chambers do not seek to cover all bases – their expertise is dependent on the experience of individual members and their associates.  It is the expertise of the individual that counts: not just their knowledge of the law, but the ability to build a compelling argument and deliver it successfully.  Their success, like any Expert, is dependent on their reputation and recognition for delivering to their client’s instructions.

This model, based on individual expertise, track record and delivery is one that matches our style and approach, albeit in the field of business change, IT development and service delivery.

We are, of course, not legally qualified, nor are we governed by a historic body such as the Bar Association. However, our partners and our associates are accredited members of professional bodies, including Fellows and Members of the British Computer Society, Chartered Engineers, Chartered Information Technology Practitioners and CEDR-accredited mediators.

X-Net Chambers does not operate the “land and expand” model other consultancy and sales based organisation demand of their staff.  Our Experts will not “front” the assignment, then populate the project with ever increasing numbers of trainees or beginners.

With X-Net Chambers you get the expertise of individuals, and it is those individuals who deliver.  What you see is what you get.  And we do not linger on: we make sure the job is done, outcomes delivered and knowledge transferred, and then we take our leave.

We are passionate about achieving the outcomes our customers need. Everything we do is focused on that goal.  We are always prepared to deliver on advice that we offer: if it is only advice that is needed, then that is fine with us, but if more is required, then we are always willing to get our jackets off, our sleeves rolled up and do the necessary to achieve the results. Customers see us not as outsiders, but members of their team.  Indeed we are often trusted to undertake tasks that would normally be performed by their own staff.

Our Experts do not work in isolation: they know the value of being able, subject to security and confidentiality, of calling on the expertise and opinion available across the X-Net Chambers team. This collegiate approach ensures customers get the benefit of the complete pool of X-Net expertise.

       And it goes without saying that we strive to provide excellent value for money in all that we do.