At times, knowledge is not enough

The Chambers Expertise

X-Net Chambers provides Experts; nothing more, nothing less.

Industry Experts of the calibre supplied by X-Net Chambers are simply not in plentiful supply.  We always hear “we need more like the X-Net people".  Unfortunately, Experts don’t come from graduate recruitment programmes.

Experts need an ethical approach to their work and need to be honest, independent and open, with best interests of the customer in mind. Experts do not make it to partnership in large consulting firms as these essential qualities do not align with their employer’s client account and profit targets.  In big services firms, experts with the experience and track record normally run the business and are not available for customer work.

Only experts with the correct ethics, integrity and a proven track record are invited to join the X-Net Chambers practice.

Knowledge alone is of little value if you don’t know how to apply it.  Success in any complex matter needs the right interpersonal skills and credibility based on experience and proven delivery.  Decisions often have to be made with insufficient input, so instinct, based on experience, is critical.  What our customers buy from us is true Expertise in the form of a true Expert.

Our Expert service covers:

  • Technology Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Procurement Services
  • Programme Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Service Management Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Expert witness and dispute support services