Dr. Andy Green Phd


Andy is a seasoned systems engineer with 20 years’ experience in technical leadership and systems engineering roles. Andy has worked in a range of roles across the Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Defence and Space sectors and has previously worked for QinetiQ, Detica and BAE Systems as well as the European Space Agency. He became an X-net Chambers partner in 2015.

Thriving on applying systems thinking to the most complex problems, Andy has a proven track record in enterprise architecting, business analysis, operational concept development, programme management, business case development and leading technical teams. He combines a broad breadth of knowledge with a pragmatic approach to rapidly identify solutions and test these with the customer and wider stakeholders.

Andy has excellent communication skills and routinely advises senior stakeholders, often being seen as the ‘Keeper of the Vision’ for large business, technical and politically complex programmes and projects.

Andy is repeatedly asked by clients to tackle their biggest challenges, whether that be projects that have run into difficulties or particularly challenging or complex problems that take a particular mind-set to tackle. Common themes to these projects are strategic importance, complexity (business, technical and programmatic), cross organisation collaboration and service delivery across government departments or organisational boundaries.

Andy believes strongly in X-net’s core values of integrity, independence, openness and always acting with the best interests of the customer in mind.